Kids Toys

Monster in my Pocket!

My son has been asking me to show him how to use the showing machine.  He’s only three and cant even reach the foot pedal so this is easier said than done.

We’ve been at loggerheads alot this week and I decided some quality time was in order.  We scoured Pinterest for ideas on things to make and came across some felt monstors from Its Always Autumn.  It was love at first sight for my little man.

We dont have a printer at home so our first step was a create our own monstor pattern.  It absolutely HAD to have claw hands.  That was apparently non negotiable.  And he had to be angry…very angry!  We made a few drafts together until we came up with one he was happy with:


We cut the pattern out of felt, sewed on some button eyes, stuffed him full and sewed him up!

DSC_0319 DSC_0323

Claw hands – check.  Very very angry – Check.

My little man was very proud, and rightly so.  He actually did quite alot himself.  The monstor was pretty much his own design.  He did the buttons himself and helped me operate the sewing machine.

He is now requesting a tool belt.


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