Rainbow Dresden Quilt

I made my first dresden plate for a 12 month block swap a few months ago and fell head over heals in love.


So much so that I made another and turned it into a coaster for my vase.


I love bright cheerful things to help get me through these grey winter days.  I must confess to still having my new years eve bunting hanging up in the house.

It was so pretty, I made a few more and appliqued them onto a quilt top:

DSC_0122 (2)


I’ve got a fabulous rainbow polka dot to back it with.

I have, however, been having some trouble bringing myself to quilt it. There is so much white space that I’m finding it a little intimidating. I’ve chosen a free motion design and I’ve done a bit of practice but every time I sit down at the sewing machine I’m struck with a bad case of quilters block.

I just love this quilt and I’d hate to see it languish for months as a UFO so please help me!  Have you ever had quilters block?  How did you overcome it?


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