Sunday Stash

Handwork Expo & Sunday Stash

Saturday was our local handwerkbeurs, or hand work expo, featuring knitting, embriodery, crochet and quilting!

I met some talented artists, collected a little fabric and came home with a head full of ideas.

I had a go on a free motion quilting frame.  Those few minutes before I broke the needle were fabulous!  Theoretically, I could hook a frame up to my current machine but I’d really want to buy a new machine, maybe a mid arm.  I really should just keep practicing on my smaller quilts first, but did I say…fabulous!

This post is a Sunday stash link up with Molli Sparklles so I better link up some goodies!

I promised myself I wasn’t going to go crazy buying up piles of fabric that I’m not going to use in a month of sundays and I must say, I’m pretty proud of myself.

I did buy heaps of thread and some batting and some rulers and some basting spray and pins, quilting gloves and maybe a magazine subscription or two, but not much fabric.

DSC_0400 (2)

I did came across some Petite Street for Dashwood Studios on sale.  I believe its been discontinued, but the pieces I picked up will make a cute little baby quilt for a friend of mine.



3 thoughts on “Handwork Expo & Sunday Stash”

  1. Looks like a great and sensible haul from the expo, rulers aren’t that exciting but so very useful! Lovely fabrics too, they will be lovely in a baby quilt.


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