Free Motion Quilting

Practice Practice Practice: Free Motion Quilting

I’ve been following several tutorials and reading up alot on free motion quilting.  I attempted a small stippling project some months ago and have been practicing some more.

Many quilters suggest practicing by hand as well as on the machine, and so I’ve been doodling and drawing and seeing quilt patterns everywhere.

I was in a book store a few weeks ago and came across this colouring book for adults.


Inside is a whole world of patterns that I have been colouring, tracing and reproducing (with varying degrees of success!).

DSC_0210    DSC_0211    DSC_0215 DSC_0216 DSC_0222DSC_0226

I’ve been using these patterns as inspiration for doodles and quilting patterns. First on paper, then with the machine.  I started with a dark thread so I could easily see what I was doing.  There’s nothing forgiving about contrasting thread!

DSC_0348 DSC_0343 DSC_0349

The first one is clearly pretty wonky, but they got better as I went along.

I think I’m just about ready to apply my pattern to a quilt top!

Completed Quilts, Free Motion Quilting

Applique and Free Motion Quilting

With the excitement of Christmas its been a little quiet on the blog front.  Christmas tree is up,  carols are playing.  I love Christmas.  Last weekend we made an escape to the Christmas markets in Cologne.  Christmas lights, mulled wine and good company.  It was fabulous. Cold but fabulous.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on this little applique tree quilt for several weeks now.  Its been several weeks because I did the applique, basted it and started quilting only to get halfway through quilting and discover that it simply wasnt going to work the way I wanted it to.  I put it aside until I could decide how to continue and there it languished for weeks, threatening to become an eternal UFO (Unfinished Object).

This week however I got up the courage to pull out my free motion foot (which I purchased almost six months ago and have simply not been brave enough to use) and I put needle to fabric…

DSC_0007 DSC_0029


When I first started I was trying really hard to control the quilting and to be super precise but as I went along I relaxed a little and the quilting flowed and the pattern created itself.

Its not completley finished, but its going to have to wait until after Christmas – its time to move from the sewing room to the kitchen.  I can almost smell all the Christmas goodies already.

Merry Christmas everyone!